A Warm Welcome to the Website of Novavisio

Novavisio is a supervision of work and coaching company for both individuals and companies.

The word Novavisio refers to new vision, or in everyday language the dream or the image.

A vision is a picture of the future that an individual wants to achieve and that inspires one. For most people, the vision is basically striving to create in life something more meaningful and unique then purely financial gain.

Novavisios supervision of work and coaching is aimed at helping you find your vision, your dreams.

Answers and resources you will find in yourself by supporting tutoring. Solution-focused work counseling and coaching encourages and inspires the creation of operational situation instead of focusing on problems. Attention is to build a good future throught a respectful and present dialogue without forgetting creativity and humor.

Supervision and coaching of Novavisio will help you to see the situation with fresh, new eyes.